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the crown room

The Crown Room

The Crown Room Mantra

The Crown Room is a one-table restaurant operated by Executive Chef Eric Smith.  Each meal is completely custom built and the menus are meticulously written with the host of each party.  You pick your fine dining theme on our booking page and we will start planning your menu and experience.  Anything is possible in The Crown Room.

Additionally, ask about our experiential dining, as well as our Asian menus inspired by The Crown. We also have three sommeliers on staff if you would like their assistance with your Crown Room dining experience. Basically, whatever the guest wants, we will make it happen.

This is a full dining experience that pairs food with cocktails, unique smells, and music. A full sound and video system is at your disposal for presentations, viewing events, and even creating your own soundtrack.

Booking and How it Works

This is very simple. There is a ten-person requirement and the food prices start at $125 per person and our beverage pairing featuring our unique evolution cocktails starting at $55 per person. For bookings, Click here

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